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“Feeding” refers to the way we eat. This includes swallowing difficulties, sensory food aversions and mealtime reviews.


Assessment, Therapy & Education:

Assessment is the key to understanding the nature and severity of swallowing issues. After assessment, therapy and education plans are developed to address the underlying causes of the difficulties. These plans often include strategies to improve swallowing function and ensure safe and efficient food intake.

Ages 4-75+:

Swallowing difficulties and dysphagia can affect individuals across the age spectrum. While some swallowing problems may originate in childhood or early adulthood, others may develop later in life due to medical conditions or aging-related changes. Timely intervention is vital to prevent complications like malnutrition or aspiration pneumonia.


Feeding Services

- Dysphagia 

- Feeding & Swallowing Difficulties 

- Sensory Aversions 

- Picky Eating 

- Swallowing Disorders 

- Oral Motor Difficulties 


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